1991 Vanagon Syncro High Top Westfalia Auction In Florida

1991 vw vanagon sycro westalia red hightop eu florida auction WV2ZZZ25ZMG015155The further away Vanagons get from the 25 year import rule, the more we’ve seen coming into the US market. This one caught my eye this week. A 1991 VW Vanagon Syncro European High Top w/ a traditional Westfalia kitchen set up. It’s implied that it was imported to the US from Europe likely within the last year, and dons a rear Florida license plate, so it’s likely been properly titled in Florida.  While the current high bid is $30k, the van is also listed for for sale on The Samba as of yesterday, for, well, a lot.

According to the description, this van was completely stripped down to the frame and rebuilt, and by the included pictures, it looks pretty legit. While I personally think the red is a bit loud, it still shines quite nicely.


Aside from fresh paint and upholstery, it comes with a great list of desirable upgrades including; truck mirrors, a full width awning and truck fridge. The wheels look like blacked out 16×7 Mercedes CLK type, fitted with some fresh Yokohama Geolanders. The front and rear bumpers appear to be from Rocky Mountain Westy, with their matching swing arm tire carrier in the rear.

I’m guessing this is just a standard syncro with a viscous coupling and no lockers or decouplers, there’s no photos of the dashboard where the knobs would be. I believe there’s a lightly more powerful European version of the 2.1 WBX that might not pass a California smog inspection. Be sure to get the engine code and type from the seller and check if you’re in a state or city with high emissions standards.

The auction ends April 18 and 3:51pm PST.  The current high bid is at $30k, with 28 bids from 4 interested parties. Leave your comments or thoughts below, or join the discussion about this van on Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Is this van still on the market?

  2. Height of van at highest point?

  3. Engine 2.1 L DJ 115 hp top speed 85mph

    • That makes this a no go for California buyers, or at least most likely. Maybe adding a CA Cat would help, but that VIN will make the Smog check a bit more particular. With all that being said, VERY desirable engine :))

  4. Hi, everyone
    I just need to add some more futures to the Syncro I’m selling.
    Rims are from the Merc CLK 16” powder coated in black
    Front brakes 288mm ventilated with ATE 54 calipers
    Central diferencial locking system
    Front passenger swivel seat
    Bumpers are stainless steal hand crafted in EU
    All rubber hoses are brand new.

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