1991 Vanagon Hightop Westfalia 5 Speed Turbo Diesel – $22k in WA

1991 Vanagon High Top Westfalia - 5 speed - Diesel - $22k in Bellevue, WA

1991 Vanagon High Top Westfalia – 5 speed – Diesel – $22k in Bellevue, WA – Craigslist

This was quite an interesting find to wake up to this morning. Listed in Bellevue, WA on the Seattle Craigslist,  this rare high top van which was imported from France in 2010, it was a model never available in North America.  This is the cleanest, nicest looking high top I’ve seen for sale on this continentm, and appears to have a fair asking price. No mention of actual mileage. Not a chop shop home project, this van came as a hightop straight from the factory. It also features a Webasto heater and two propane sources so can run the heater, stove and fridge for those long adventures in the cold. The van was been brought up to USA compliance and can likely be registered in any state, mainly because it is a turbo diesel and likely won’t have to pass a smog test. It’s also got a rare 5 speed manual transmission too. She sure is pretty.  There’s a similar one on TheSamba in Canada that appears to have side racks that will carry a kayaks.

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    Coyotl at

    Is this van still Available?

  2. I’m so sad I missed this! I can’t believe two were for sale at the same time in North America!

    Mike, had you ever seen one for sale before previously?

    Cheers from SF,

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