1990 Westy Multivan Weekender w/ 2.5L Subaru – $10,900 in WA

1990 Westy Multivan Weekener w 2.5L Subaru For Sale in WA For $ 10,900

1990 Westy Multivan Weekener w 2.5L Subaru For Sale in WA For $ 10,900

While this might not pass the emissions test in California, this multivan was just posted up on TheSamba.com and looks like a great deal for only $11k.  There are few dents and rust spots, but nothing too major. In 2003 Small Car Performance in Tacoma put in a 2.5L Subaru motor that now has about 80k on it(~60k on it when installed), with the body of the van approaching 170k.  There’s lots of new goodies including upgrading cooling system in ’07, along with a new new clutch, new shocks, new brakes, new struts, new ball joints and some other odds and ends.  There’s no picture of the tent canvas, and the seller states this is needed, so we’re not sure if it’s just toast, or if one even exists.  The windshield, a window regulator, muffler and curtain tracks are in need of repair, but that doesn’t sound too bad considering the low asking price.  Again, not sure if this motor will pass in all states, especially CA, so make sure to do your homework.  Otherwise, this looks like a great deal.  Go snag it up in Port Angeles, WA.

  1. Looks like I malformed the link on the image. Sorry. Fixed it now. It does appear to the the listing has been removed. I would suggest creating an account on TheSamba.com and sending the user a private message. It doesn’t appear they are a very active member, but a PM notification would hopefully land in their email inbox. Here’s the link to their profile so you can try to contact them them.

  2. Do you have a contact for this westy? I can’t find it on samba


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