1990 VW Westfalia Camper w/ Newer Turbo Diesel Conversion

I’ve had my eye on this Westy for a some time now, still kicking myself a tiny bit for not checking it out the last time I was in the Bay Area a couple months ago.  I figured the seller would have this unique  TDI Westy pretty quick, but for whatever reason it remains for sale on The Samba where  the asking price has fallen from $22,000 to $19,500 over the past couple of months.  On the surface it appears to be a really good deal, with a newer engine block and rebuilt transmission with taller 3rd and 4th.   I tried to ask the seller a few questions via email a while back and found out the body has 300k+ and the odometer no longer works.    While the trailer hitch is a nice feature, you never really know what someone may have tried to tow with it at one point.   No power steering, no AC, solar panels, clean title, travel ready and in the end, it appears to be in tip top shape .  I love those Go Westy steel plate bumpers and the South African Grill & Headlights.  Another interesting note is that the seller didn’t include the acronym “TDI” in their listing, and therefore a search for TDI doesn’t surface this listing on The Samba, only using diesel in query will it then appear.   I wonder if any diesel Westy enthusiasts missed this?

  1. How would I contact this Reno owner?

    • That van was awesome, sold a long time ago as far as I know.

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