1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender w/ 92k Miles & Warranty – $62k in Los Osos, CA

1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender w/ Warranty - $62k in Los Olos, California

1991 VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender w/ Warranty – $62k in Los Olos, California

It’s been a while since GoWesty has listed actual individual Westys available for purchase on their lot, and as of recently they’ve posted two. Here’s the first.  This rig is a 1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Weekender with only 92k original miles and loads of awesome upgrades including a $5,000 warranty!  This van was purcahsed not long ago from GoWesty, but then was sold back to GW so they could upgrade to a syncro.  Here’s the original sale notes, with some of the highlights being; Fresh GoWesty 2.5L engine w/ all new stainless exhaust, fresh GoWesty automatic transmission with the positraction differential (sweeeet!) and a transmission oil cooler, new brakes all the way around with big ones in front, new 3 window acrylic tent, pop top assist struts, bedliner around the rocker panels, GoWesty bumpers with the 2″ rear receiver hitch.  From the factory this Multivan also includes power locks, power windows & cruise control.  Icing on the cake? How about a 4 year / 48,000 mile $5,000 maximum bumper to bumper warranty.  For a buyer that wants the confidence of knowing they have one of the most reliable Westys available, this is it. Find it for sale at Go Westy is Los Olos, California with an asking price of $62,000. Go Westy Link

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    Daniel P. at

    I see these Westy’s going up in value, but at 62K it’s becoming a little absurd. The nostalgia is great, but these vans are going up so much in price that its sucking the nostalgia right out of them in my opinion. Now these vans have become collector items for the semi-to-very-wealthy. No longer a machine used for build memories, because who the hell is gonna trash their 62K van in the woods during a camping trip? Oh of course, the suckers who can and do drop that amount of money on these. These were trips my parents use to take with me in their Westy back when I was a child because we weren’t a family who could afford extravagant vacations or a motorhome. Super great times in these vans/busses. Granted a beautiful restoration, indeed…but at the end of the day, these guys are trying to pay their month’s overhead off of one sale. I’m good, I’m gonna keep on looking.

  2. I’m new to the world of Westy’s. I’ve just picked up a tintop Vanagon workhorse, and couldn’t be happier. But as I jump down the rabbit-hole of Vanagons, can someone help me understand Gowesty? My van isn’t pretty if you get closer than about 5 feet, but it drives great and fits my needs 110% perfectly.

    Having taken my van in for it’s first go at the mechanic, I’m not surprised at the high cost of pro-active maintenance on an old Vanagon. And being a veteran VW owner, I’m used to “expensive” maintenance.

    But to get something restored for $61K, I’d like to understand how much of that is something that will legitimately make this car derivable forever, and how much of it is purely cosmetic, and Gowesty offering a truly elite Westfalia.

  3. Mark up on the price of the van and offer the customer a warrantee of $5,000 in repairs. Smart marketing strategy by Mr. Lucas himself.
    You can’t simply build a nice Westy , having huge overhead, having a good reputation, offer a warrantee like no other shops out there and selling it any cheaper like GoWesty does.
    Believe me, I have seen plenty of so called restored Westies done by many shops, most are a joke at half the price of GoWesty.
    GoWesty does put together some nice finished Westies, I have seen many of their completed vans including this one on the lot for sale. I have no complaints about their quality of restoration. You truly get what you pay for. They are truly the leader in getting it done right the first time.

  4. LOL.. 62k.

  5. Wow. What a good deal you’ve found.

    • I think the idea here is that there are certain Westys for every budget. Granted in my current situation, I max out at $11k and started fixing it up myself. If I had a million dollars in the bank and wanted a van of this caliber, they don’t up for sale too often, and it may prove to be an awesome investment if taken care of.

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