1990 Westy Camper w/ Subaru WRX Turbo & Transmission – $34k in AZ

1990 vw vanagon westfalia camper subaru wrx turbo manual transmission 1Sorry for the severe lack of posts over the past year or so, life is crazy.  At any rate, this particular van is what brought me out of hibernation. It’s a 1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper is powered by Subaru 2.0L Turbo linked to a FIVE speed Subaru Gears transmission and features good looks and many other highly desirable upgrades.

The Engine.  Not only does it produce 225 horsepower, it’s a Subaru boxer style, very similar to the stock engine proportions, which means it might be the best fitting engine swap that produces over 200hp.  The work was performed by a shop in Phoenix, AZ called Montz Auto Renditions at least 7 years ago.

The Transmission.  A fresh Subaru gears flipped 5 speed transmission, with an OBX limited slip differential. I don’t know much about the OBX, but adding and LSD or TBD to a vanagon is an AWESOME upgrade. On the performance side, it will move at 75 mph (with cruise control) at only 3100 rpm, having similar MPGs compared to a stock 2.1 VW Engine.

Plenty of other reasons to own the van include….

  • Propex HS2000 heater – Installed under the fridge and connected to a fresh and legal propane tank.
  • Truckfridge TF49 refrigerator – Likely the most common fridge upgrade out there. Electric only.
  • Dual Zone Working A/C – This is usually stupid expensive to add, but it’s here, and sounds like an amazing set up.
  • Big Brake Kit – Installed up front, helps you slow and stop those 225 ponies a bit (“a bit”) better than stock brakes.

I don’t usually see 2wd Westys above $30k that I’d be interested in,, but this one could definitely be an exception. It’s a southwest desert van, likely no rust. Paint looks original and shines like it’s well cared for. Wheels, tries, suspension, upgraded sway bar, extra large intercooler, house battery set up, newer tent, all of these are desirable and come with high price tags. All of this on a chassis with a reportedly low 135k miles.

The seller provided the VIN ( WV2ZB0256LH028595 ), which you could do a Car Fax or similar report with. In these types of transparent sales with lots of detail, the title report is usually clean and the mileage might even check out too.  Personally I’m a bit weary of power windows and locks in Vanagons. Those familiar with the switches and actuators work in Vanagons will usually have a kit with the parts and tools necessary to address them on the road.   On a sad note for California buyers, you probably can’t pass smog with this engine setup. sad face.

Find it for sale listed on The Samba, residing in Tuscon Arizona with an asking price of $34,500.  Got thoughts on this Westy? Share ’em with the world below, or see what others are saying about this van on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

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  1. “Simply put, this is the best conversion available.” Yawn. I could name a few VW engines I’d rather have powering any Westy I drive – and all get better mpg.
    For that much moola, the fridge and heater should actually be installed correctly and finished.

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