1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – Auto – Seattle, WA Auction

1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Automatic Burgundy Seattle WA Auction or $25k

1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Automatic Burgundy Seattle, WA Auction or $25k (click image for details)

Here’s an interesting find that’s going to be catching some eyeballs this week. This van is a 1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with stock 2.1 L engine, stock automatic transmission and only 113k miles on the odometer. There’s quite a lot of color provided by the seller in terms of pictures (84 photos on Photobucket), including a variety of photos of the undercarriage, seams and minutia, which is super nice of them to provide.  However, not much mechanical history is provided.  The seller does provide the VIN WV2ZB0254LH002402 and the free eBay Auto Check report shows relatively believable mileage (only 7k in the past decade?). Also note the seller is brand new to eBay with only 1 feedback (positive) as a buyer, so be sure to make some human contact with them before handing the cash (as always).


Potential Awesome!

  • It looks like it’s great shape, and “might” be the original Bordeaux Red Metallic paint, however the “Westfalia” stencil on the rear of the van might mean otherwise.
  • Nice 15″ Mercedes style wheels, fairly standard on nice Westys these days, but a nice upgrade no the less.
  • According to the details, everything works.  This includes the propane, stove, sink, fridge, lights, everything works.
  • It’s really, really, clean.  Even underneath. Someone took the time to detail this Westy, and overall appears to have been cosmetically well cared for.

Potential Not Awesome.

  • While there’s a new tent canvas, there’s no windows… Who does that?  It might be a thicker more heat retaining material, which could be a benefit if you’re sleeping 4 on cold nights.
  • It is listed on The Samba for $25k, while not astronomical, the seller has likely set the reserve price at or near that. The seller knows what the market is willing to pay, and they’re likely searching for top dollar.

Depending on of course a variety of unknowns, I’d estimate this Westy is worth around $20k in the current market and region (PNW), possibly more.  What do you think it’s worth? Are you going to see this Westy?  Tell us in the comments below, or head on over the individual posts about this Westy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and share your wisdom there!  eBay Link – Auction ends Thursday, Dec 10th at 7:15pm PST.



  1. Yeah TDI seems like a glorified reseller, take a decent van throw in a bunch of look good items do minimum on mechanicals and change and outrageous price. Buyers pay what their asking as they don’t know any better

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    Stephen at

    This van is a total loss. One word, “RUST” is all I have to say. Unfortunately I was the winning bid and lost big with this one. These people are lying thieves and basically stole my money. After all the inspections by reputable Westy specialists, the van is worth about $4k tops due to all the major problems, power steering and brake lines are rusted through, and all the work required to be done to make it whole is not worth it. Their advice, get rid of it. For me its a total loss and will be donated to NPR so I can take a right off for taxes. Pay back is a bitch

    • Bummer Stephen. That sucks. Is this a one off from the seller, or are the a dealer or broker of sorts?

      • I bought a 2002 EVC in March 2020 from what looked like a reputable dealer from Tacoma, lots of pics, even spoke to seller on then phone, van had a large dent and other cosmetic items not described, seller lied about history saying all the right things, turns out van mechanicals were in good shape, I drove it for 2 summers and decided that I munch preferred Vanagon Westy and luckily sold it for substantially more in sept. I got lucky but would never buy on ebay again, all they basically guarantee is the title.

  3. $16,021 Highest Bid – Reserve Price Not Met….

  4. This van is probably being sold by TDI motors in Bellevue. I have dealt with the people who work there and they live up the the poor reputation used car salesmen have.
    I have also inspected a van purchased from them for over 20k and was appalled. Blown rear shocks. Leaking exhaust. Squishy brake pedal. Inop fridge and worst of all was a bypass switch for the radiator fan motor. HARDWIRED to a rinky dink switch on the dash. That switch snapped and crackled off you touched it. They told the client it was a BIG BONUS to have such a great feature.
    Con artists the lot of them.
    If they aren’t selling it on their lot it is because they don’t want their business associated with what is likely a piece of over priced junk.

  5. All original exterior decals are missing, it has lived in NY for a number of years. Paint looks like a recent re-spray. I would be worried about body seam and window rust issues. I notice that the door jambs where the door catch is located has been entirely painted to body color(who does this, Maaco?). Slider door hinge is also painted body color, another sign of a cheap paint job. I would see it in person or ask all the right questions before even consider it. it’s worth no more than 17k tops.
    Front carpet has a couple of wear through spots, very unusual for a low mileage westy.

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