1990 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Syncro Westfalia, 4WD GL, 6 Cyl 230HP Subaru SVX: $87,500

This fully renovated 4WD 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Syncro Westfalia with a Subaru SVX 230 HP, 6-cylinder engine, Porsche backend and a fully rebuilt transmission is for sale for $87,500.

Meet Raksha (The Grey Wolf), a truly one-of-a-kind 1990 Syncro Westie the owner and his father have been modernizing for the past four years. She is now ready to lead a new pack on adventures!

The 238 hp, 3.3-liter Boxer engine provides perky street performance, a 100+ MPH highway capability, and safe steep-grade speeds in snowy weather.  The owner wanted to avoid the unsafe and undesirable experience of dredging up a snowy grade and being covered with the snowy slush of passing semis.  The SVX is known for its dependable durability.  Many are used for light-craft airplane conversions, as well.  

Upgrade conversion features: 

  1. SYNCRO Decoupler dash button:  This is used to engage and disengage the SYNCRO gear.   This provides for longer SYNCRO gear life.  (Not found in factory SYNCRO)
  2. Rear wheel locking dash button:  This locks both rear wheels in drive for getting out of the very tough off road jams.  (Not found in factory SYNCRO)
  3. Higher 3rd Gear:  The higher 3rd gear allows for faster city and  boulevard speeds.  The vehicle has 5 speeds; compound low (Granny Gear), and normal 4 speeds. 
  4. Short Throw Shifter:  This provides for less distance between gear shifts.  Typical VW shifting has one reaching very far with the right hand to get between gears. 
  5. Heavy duty Breaks:  With more weight at higher speeds the need to brake safely is paramount. 
  6. Heavy springs, and shocks: These provide a stiffer ride and less lean in high speed turns. 

Modernization Builds / Refurbish Updates:


• 230 HP Subaru SVX Boxer 6-cylinder engine, 24-valve (~60K miles upon install, ~80K miles today)
• Syncro gear decoupler in dash
• Rear end locking differential
• Higher 3rd gear
• Short-throw shifter
• Oversize brakes
• Heavy-duty springs
• Old Man EMU shocks
• Enhanced RPM in Dash Tachometer
• Heavy-duty clutch


• Full transmission rebuild
• addition of stainless steel overflow tank


• Porsche rear end
• Custom front end spoiler
• Total body refurbished including all rust and ding removal and new Audi Grey paint by Kartel Custom Works
• Behind-plate flexible oil stick
• New Propane Tank
• New Skylight
• New camper fittings for water and RV hookups.

This vehicle has sold!

VIN: VW2ZB0254LG024406

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