1989 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 82k Original Miles – $23k in Seattle

1989 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 82k Original Miles - $23k in Seattle

1989 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 82k Original Miles – $23k in Seattle

A recent submission to the Go Westy classifieds is this 1989 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper with only 89k miles. The van features the original 2.1L engine with the standard 4 speed manual transmission (once rebuilt) and some brake and suspension upgrades and fixes. It’s also got screens for both the rear hatch and side door, a 2 inch hitch receiver and a nice 3 window tent. Available in Seattle, WA with an asking price of $23k.

UPDATED: The seller replied to my post and offered the following details. They state the engine runs very strong and there is very little cosmetic rust. Below is a list of fixes and upgrades the seller sent me dating back to 2010. They have receipts for the following $15,000 worth of work in the past five years.

Work Done – 2009 Cost
Engine steamed cleaned 60.00
Oil change, fuel filter, replaced 2 belts, distributor cap and rotor and a new hose. Oil = 306-20 W50 411.00
New ends for the coolant pipes with one new pipe replaced; coolant replaced; fixed second radiator fan; New front bushings and bearings 1,085.00
Front end had to be aligned after new bushings and bearings replaced 88.00
4 shocks 346.00
Side screen door and labor for snaps around door (upgrade) 163.00
Second auxiliary battery installed (upgrade) 163.00

Work Done – 2010
New starter 190.00
2″ trailer hitch installed 356.00
4 studded snow tires with rims 350.00

Work Done – 2011
Catalytic converter replaced 520.00
Driver and passenger windows resealed 518.00
Front brakes completely replaced 1,279.00
New muffler and tail pipe 196.00
New Kenwood stereo and speakers and remote key entry installed (upgrade) 638.00
Clutch replaced; transmission rebuilt 3,060.00

Work Done – 2012
Replaced cruize control switch, Recharged AC, replaced skylight, road test inspection, fixed loose arm rest. 837.00
Buyers Inspection report, Lube speedometer cable, replace master brake cylinder,replace drive belts and coolant hoses, flush brake system 1,276.00
Replaced ignition key system 293.00
Dirver back side light +labor 52.50
Passenger door power lock switch replaced 130.00
Fuel Pump and filter and oil change 216.00
Backup lights fixed and work on skylight to quit vibrating. 173.00

Work – 2013
Skylight outside hinges 38.00
Gas tank and shifting linkage parts 537.47
Install new gas tank and power steering hose and flush. Install new shift linkage. Diagnose and fix the seat belt light staying on 990.00
Rear Brakes = complete – got a good deal from a friend of my husbands 150.00
Water Pump 150.00

Work – 2014
Idle Valve 218.00
Under carriage cleaned and rust prevention coating applied. 150.00

Total 14,633.97

  1. I have looked for this on Go Westy with no luck and was hoping maybe the owner or this site can post contact information?

    I live in the Seattle area.

  2. She said she would take pics, I will reach out to her again.

  3. Updated gowesty ad and claimed two rust issues but no pics. Bummer.

  4. Cool thanks. I’m in the Seattle area and in the market…agree with you that the cost for an original engine shouldn’t be over 20k…especially is there are needed rust repairs!

  5. What exactly is very little cosmetic rust??

    • I’ll ask the seller for some additional pictures. This is based off their description.

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