1988 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – Auto – 97k Miles – Auction in Dayton, OH

1988 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper - Auto - 97k Miles - Auction in Dayton, OH

1988 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – Auto – 97k Miles – Auction in Dayton, OH

I’ve been communicating with this seller a bit over the past couple of weeks, and she’s decided to put her nice Westy “Zeke” up for auction on eBay, as they’ve moved to Costa Rica and left Zeke in the states.  This three owner specimen is a 1988 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with only 97k original miles, stock 2.1L engine and stock automatic transmission.  The VIN is provided ( WV2ZB0254JH068008 ), as well as a free Auto Check report from eBay, which shows a clean title and a high likelihood of accurate mileage. You could also back it up with Car Fax report to double check, though you’ll likely get the same answers.  To my recommendations, the seller included a larger photo set on Google Plus, as well as a YouTube video of it running (though the settings are private for some reason, I’ve asked her to change the settings).  The auction ends on Memorial Day, Monday May 25th at 2:51pm. eBay Link

According to the details provided and pictures, it has the stock A/C, but no mention of how cold it blows.  It also has cruise control and a few power options as well. I like this Westy, and I have a good feeling the seller is honest about its condition.  While it has had body work in the kitchen panel area (looks like it was cut out and welded a nice piece in) the photos of the undercarriage look decent and overall it shows pretty well. She didn’t mention how well or whether or not the propane or kitchen appliances work, so I’m contacting her with a few more questions and maybe she’ll respond in the comments below.

I’m curious to see what this sells for, as I’m guessing it will go for thousands less than it would on the West Coast, as the midwest doesn’t seem to pony up the same cash as those in the Rockies or nearer the Pacific. Where do you think the highest bid will top out?  Let us know in the comments below, or head on over to the individual posts about this Westy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ and share you banter there.

  1. Sold for $16,100. After 58 bids from 15 bidders, Zeke onto a new chapter of his life!

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      Allison at

      Mike – thanks so much for all your help and advice. You gave me some great tips and real confidence to get him out there. I am excited that the new owner is REALLY happy to have him and is already referring to him by name. :)These are the important things in life.

      Thanks again and keep spreading the love. Ali

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    Allison at

    Hi Mike – bittersweet day for me seeing Zeke looking so good out here on the big wide web. I already miss this guy as I am currently living in Costa Rica and this guy is still back home in Ohio.
    The camping gear is all in good order and working condition. I usually hook the water up directly, in part because I lost the key to the water tank security flap. Have no fear though, I ordered a new one from Bus Depot and it is now with the van. The water tank itself has been cleaned and sanitized within the last month. Refrigerator works great when hooked up to the electric.
    I must admit, I haven’t tried the stove or propane cooling of the fridge recently because I was a little concerned about the state of the propane tank. I honestly think I am just being a ninny but there you have it. I priced a new tank unit etc and it looks like they are around $400. If I was keeping the van I would have had my body work guy remove the tank and sandblast it, as it truly is probably an issue of surface rust.
    Happy to chat more about Zeke if anyone wants anymore information. Cheers! Ali

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