1987 Westy Weekender – $8,500 in Santa Cruz, CA

1987 Westy Weekender Wolfsburg - $8,700 in Scotts Valley, CA

1987 Westy Weekender Wolfsburg – $8,700 in Scotts Valley, CA

With Westy prices increasing on the regular, it’s rare to find a decent specimen for for under $10k.  Yesterday a seller in Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz area), CA posted their 1987 Wolfsburg Weekender up for a cool $8,500.  It appears to be in decent shape, has a manual transmission and also comes with some nice GoWesty 17in wheels.  The seller states they’ve recently replaced the starter, front brakes, cv boots, clutch slave and control arm bushings.  It also has a a rear hitch which was likely just used for bike transport.  It has a little bit of rust, but nothing appears too dramatic.  The horn also does not work, and there is no mention of actual or estimated mileage. Scotts Valley isn’t a cheap place to live, so hopefully the owners have had the coin to keep this van in good shape.  With VanCafe right down the road in Santa Cruz, it’s probably been in good hands. As always, check out some of my tips for buying a van like this from the link at the top of this website.


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