1987 VW Westfalia Camper w/ 1.8 Turbo Audi Engine Conversion – Auction In Idaho

All you want for Christmas is a 1.8T Westfalia, right? Well, the common and trusted creator of VW 1.8T conversions on the West Coast, Stephens Auto Haus in Sacramento, has been on hold since March. To my knowledge, they’re not doing 1.8T swaps at the moment. In having a look around on the Samba, eBay and craigslist, there are only a couple of them to be found. All said and done, the engine and conversion alone would come in around $25,000 with tax and the usual extras. Find a freshly painted, lifted and well sorted Westfalia Camper and you’re looking at north of $20k in today’s market.

Why would a dealer try to sell a Westfalia on eBay for $54,000 and not provide a title check? According to the AutoCheck preview, there are extensive public records available for this can. In doing a VIN search ( WV2ZB0259HH014486 ), it apopears this van was for sale about 4 years ago, with a stated 250k miles on the odometer. This listing says 10k miles, but that’s the engine only. There’s no word whether the transmission was rebuilt or regeared for the more powerful motor, be sure so ask for records as this listing refers to the “powertrain” being new. 

It does appear to come with an ARB awning, which isn’t mention in the listing. Also not mentioned is if, or how well the kitchen appliances and propane tank are doing. At a $55k Buy It Now, there is a “Make Offer” option, so what not throw ’em what you got? $20k? $30k? It will be interesting to see what professional 1.8 Turbo swapped Vanagons will be fetching in the coming years, especially if production is at a stand still.  What do you think it’s worth? Share your thoughts below in the comments or head on over to the Facebook discussion about this van and let your voice be heard. 

  1. Wow, thanks for the heads up! Very Interesting indeed!

  2. This van sold for just $38,000 near Sacramento a few weeks ago. Buyer immediately re-listed for $55k

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