1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia – Subaru H6 – $29,500 in Portland, OR

1987 VW Vanagon Synrco Westfalia w/ SVX Engine - $29,000 in Portland, OR

1987 VW Vanagon Synrco Westfalia w/ SVX Engine – $29,000 in Portland, OR

I thought this van looked familiar…. About a year ago it was for sale in Portland, possibly by the same seller,with an asking price of $42k. Well, it’s back, and is said to be in great working order, and the asking price is now down to only $29,500. Many of the same pictures from last time around are included in the new listing, which might imply the condition hasn’t really changed much?

This rig is a 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper with 224k miles on the odometer, 110k miles on a Subaru SVX 3.0 H6 engine, manual transmission with a taller 4th gear.  The syncro comes with a front locker, rear locker and decoupler, at least this original You Tube video from the first sale shows all three knobs. The video also shows a fair amount of seam rust, and if it hasn’t been addressed in the last year, it’s likely a lot worse.

For the price, this thing is loaded up on the brim with desirable and pricey features likeSew Fine upholstery, digital safe, new propane tank, nice 6 speaker stereo system, three window tent, white gauges, full length awning, skylight, 65 W solar panel, rear hatch ladder, a custom 3 bar rack that locks to the rain gutters, 15″ wheels and fresh shoes.   Two of my other favorite upgrades are…

TF-49 Truck Fridge – These are pretty much the best replacement for the original Dometic fridge. I’m pretty sure this one leaves room for a Propex heater underneath, though I’m not 100% certain it’s the T-49, but one of the Truck Fridges allows for this.

Van Cafe Bumpers – Front and rear, some of the best you can get. There’s even a 2″ hitch receiver in the rear, though the seller states they never towed anything heavy.  While Vanagons are not the best towing vehicles, a 220hp SVX engine with pull quite a lot, though you’d better have upgraded brakes.  This one does, but not mention of the specifics.

Seller did supply the VIN WV2ZB0255HG103283 ,  I’d suggest getting a Car Fax report to get the verified scoop on the history.  Where’s it’s been, mileage, accidents, etc.  Due to the replaced gauges, there’s likely no way to know the exact mileage of the body of this van, so it would be nice to see as much recorded history as possible. Even if the body had 500k miles, it would still sell for the same ballpark price, it would just be nice to know.

The verdict? If there was 0 seam rust and the mileage could be proven, this van is likely worth significantly more than $30k on the west coast. I’ve seen similar vans sell for upwards of $45k. I definitely think the seller should have listed this on eBay with a high reserve price to see where it might end up.  What do you think it’s worth? Have you seen this van? Are you the seller?  Tell us in the comments below, or head on over the unique posts about this Syncro Westy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google +.

The seller does have a good taste in surf boards, that Santa Cruz pumpkin seed under the van in one of the photos, that’s a quiver killer. I’ve owned both the 6’8″ and 7’6″ sizes.

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    Darwin at

    I can not get in touch with seller either. Not sure why it’s posted and at a low reserve if the seller will not return anybody’s questions. Aubrey he listed it just to see what he might get for it now, or maybe he had to win an argument with his girlfriend as to why he must keep it. Been there my weary westy brother.

  2. These are priced high but duesnt mean they’ll sell for so much. I’m not at all surprised it went down. 22k would mean selling it.

    • I’m in Portland and would like to check this one out but could not find seller’s #.
      Has it been withdrawn again?

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