1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper – Auction in Los Angeles

1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper - Auction in Los Angeles

1987 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper – Auction in Los Angeles

Updated 12/9/14.  After numerous emails and comments from fans, it sounds like this Syncro is probably a bad idea. Be warned.

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a nice one to leave you with for the weekend.  This is a 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro (AWD) Westfalia Camper with 121k original miles, stock 2.1L engine, stock manual transmission and what appears to be a rear locker. While the body looks great in most of the photos, there are a few pictures from underneath that show some rust that would need to be addressed soon, but possibly nothing to horrible.  It’s got power locks, power mirrors, power windows and comes with much of the recent maintenance history.  There’s no mention of whether or not the propane, fridge, stove, sink, etc work, or how well.  There’s also no mention of the rear diff locker (which it appears to have).  While the seller provided the VIN(wv2yb0255hg126932), there’s no title report available, but you can do your own through the likes of CarFax or AutoCheck. This is a no reserve auction that ends Thursday, December 11th at 3:40 PM PST. eBay Link

A Note For Potential Buyers – First, beware of rust, get a good look at all the seams and nooks and crannies underneath, make sure there isn’t anything too gnarly.  If you’ve never driven a syncro with a locker before, track down a friendly owner of a well cared for one in your area and offer to pay $100 to drive around the block. I’ve always got an ever growing list of basic buying tips you should check out too.

A Note For The Seller – You have one of the only possible attainable nice looking Syncro Westys for sale in the region. More descriptions, a video, title report, etc would go a long ways to maxing out the high bid.

  1. Ended with 0 bids. Wonder where we’ll see it next?

  2. That’s not worth 10k. Syncros are a pita enough to keep running and repaired. $$.

  3. I checked out this Syncro and its not that good. A HORRIBLE paint job hides some obvious rust issues … the pictures make it look better than it is in person. Runs strong and straight but NOT worth $28K …

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