1987 Vanagon Syncro Reimo Custom High Top Camper – $24k in Denver, CO

1987 Vanagon Syncro Reimo Custom High Top Camper - $24k in Denver, CO

1987 Vanagon Syncro Reimo Custom High Top Camper – $24k in Denver, CO

Wowzers, someone’s going to have fun this weekend!  Just minutes ago this amazing looking rig showed up for sale in my Vanagon owners feed with a link to the craigslist listing. This van is a 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro with a custom Reimo camping set up and high top roof. The powerplant is a 1.6L JX Turbo Diesel, which has very limited power, though very good mileage. This is a full on triple knob syncro with all the all the bells and whistles including a decoupler and front & rear differential lockers.

The seller implies they are on their way to Costa Rica, so they are ready to sell soon, and judging by the low $24k asking price, they’re ready to go. Aside from it being a turbo diesel triple knob syncro, there’s loads of other goodies involved as well. How about winter living with a built in propane heater of unsaid origin (likely a propex). The roof has some solar going on, hooked up to at least one Aux battery to keep the fun marching on all day and night.

There’s no pictures of the upstairs, but we are digging the custom red cabinetry and kitchenette. The fridge is the original dometic and on its last legs, though the propane burners are sink are said to work well.  On that note, the sink faucet extends to the point where you could supposedly take a shower as well.

As far as other details, there’s no VIN provided, and the speedometer was changed out to a MPH. Basically, since this is imported, it’s likely a Car Fax report wouldn’t tell you much, but you could give it a whirl.

Craigslist Link

What do think it’s worth? Are you headed to check it out? We’d love to hear more about this Syncro.  Tell us in the comments below, or head on over the unique posts about this van on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ and share your wisdom there.

  1. Let me know if you ever want to sell it. Looks great.

  2. Proud owner of this van! Bought it this summer!

    • Awesome Heidi! Hope it’s been a blast. I’m curious, how does the 1.6 engine run, and what kind of mileage have you been getting?

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