1987 Vanagon Syncro High Top – $32k in Portland, Oregon

1987 Vanagon Syncro High Top - $32k in Portland, Oregon

1987 Vanagon Syncro High Top – $32k in Portland, Oregon

Updated 2:15pm PST 6/4/15. See bottom of post for more details and photos…  So while there’s nothing actually Westfalia at all about this rig, it’s definitely worth of a post today.  This awesome looking rig just showed up for sale on The Samba classifieds a couple hours ago and I’m sure the seller’s inbox is loaded full of emails already.  Up for grabs somewhere between Portland, OR and Ketchum, ID is this 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro High Top powered by a 2.0L VW/Audi engine (Tiico conversion?) with a rear locking differential, docoupler and 217k miles on the body.  The engine is stated to have roughly 75k since install and the American High Top was added in 2011, which is said to be insulated with fully functioning port holes.  With an asking price of $32k, this thing is loaded up nicely and will likely sell quickly to someone yearning for that summer off road van adventure.

The seller does provide the VIN ( WV2YB0255HG071661 ) so you can run a CarFax to dig a bit deeper here. There’s no pictures of the upstairs, so I’m not sure if they installed a bed, but they do say it will sleep four.  Other mentioned and noticeable features are many, including dual batteries, 16″ wheels, custom bumpers w/ rare swing out tire carrier, South African Grill & headlights, terrawagon fender flares, custom exhaust, professional window, Alpine 6 speaker stereo, tint and one of my favorites, manual locks, windows and mirrors. While there are no pictures of the interior mid section, it appears it many not have any cabinetry all, which is kinda rad so you can start with a clean slate.

If you’re trying to register this in California, it might not pass the test with the engine conversion and especially the custom exhaust, so I’d be sure to check with the owner and give your local CARB referee a call. That is unless you know a friend at a smog shop…

While I’m personally not in the market for a syncro due to price, this would be one I’d consider, especially if there’s a bed upstairs, and if that rear upstairs window opened.  Epic locking surfboard or toy storage, among other things.

What do you think it’s worth? Let us know what you think of this syncro high top in the comments below, or head on over the the individual posts about this van on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ and share your wisdom there.

Update:  The seller got back to me with a some photos of the engine and of the upstairs.  NICE!

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