1987 SVX Syncro Westy in Tampa, FL – $44k

1987 230HP SVX Syncro Westfalia - $44k in Tampa, FL

1987 230HP SVX Syncro Westfalia – $44k in Tampa, FL

It’s not too often I see fully kitted SVX Syncros for sale on the East Coast, let alone Florida. However, this one popped up on The Samba recently in Tampa, FL with an asking price of $44k.  Highlights include; Fresh paint job, front leather seats, custom fabric and paneling (looks sweet!), 53k on SVX swap, .77 4th gear in rebuilt transaxle, Limited Slip differential, front and rear lockers, South African big brakes, Van Cafe bumpers, 3 window tent, Old Man Emu shocks, Solar panel, inverter, Evercoat Q-pads and sprayable sound dampening, $5k Audiophile stereo system w/ DVD system, Truckfridge TF49 fridge, Shady bow awning, Yakima racks, rear ladder, hidden kill switch and some lojack to keep it yours.  The seller says the body has about 155k on it, but the odometer was replaced a while back so the current 242k reading is inaccurate.

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    Isabella B at

    Hi, I live in Tampa and I’m having trouble finding the seller’s information. Do you know if the van is located at a shop or showroom anywhere or if there’s a number or email I could contact? Thanks

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