1986 Syncro 2.5L Subaru Westfalia Camper – Auction in South Dakota

1986 Syncro 2.5L Subaru Westfalia Camper - Auction in South Dakota

1986 Syncro 2.5L Subaru Westfalia Camper – Auction in South Dakota

Located about equidistant from Sturgis, Spearfish and Deadwood lies at little town called Whitewood, dawning a population just shy of $1,000.  While not 100% sure what they’ve been know for in the past, this week they’ll be receiving significant virtual attention from Westy hunters, as this 1986 VW Vanagon Syncro Westfalia Camper w/ a fresh 2.5L Subaru engine is up for auction there. eBay Link It’s the same one that’s listed on craigslist in Seattle for $109k… hmm.  There’s a massive laundry list of upgrades, parts and work that have been performed recently, and the 2.5L Subaru comes with a 5 month 12k mile warranty from Rocky Mountain Westy.  If you’re in California, keep in mind this could be very hard to register here, as it’s an OBDII EJ25, so be sure you know a nice CARB referee or someone that knows the ropes, I personally do not. Here’s a thread on The Samba that might help.

According to the Auto Check report, this syncro has spent 1986-2013 in Illinois, then made the move to South Dakota in 2014, where it has been registered ever since.  While a picture of the odometer is not available, the seller states it has roughly 80k miles on the body, according to the DMV records it had 73k in 2004. I find it hard to believe that it only received 7k miles in 11 years, but you never know.

While the current seller might not be new to restoring Westys, they’re definitely new to selling them on the open market.  They provided a total of one (1) picture, and their eBay account has zero (0) history.  While they did go into extensive detail regarding the work and parts that were used in restoring it, 1 picture, really?  There are hundreds of interested parties far, far away from South Dakota that are interested in this rig.  It needs a full professional photo set AND a video of it running, driving, etc.

The auction ends Friday the 13th of March at 11:34am PST. eBay Link

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