1985 Westfalia w/ 2.2L Subaru – $14,500 in Ohio

1985 Westy Full Camper With Subaru 2.2L Motor - $14,500 in Athens, Ohio

1985 Westy Full Camper With Subaru 2.2L Motor – $14,500 in Athens, Ohio

It is rare to find a 30 year vehicle living in the northern midwest that comes with 0 rust, they’re usually California transplants, like this one listed on TheSamba yesterday. The van is located in Athens, Ohio with an asking price of $14,500, which seems fairly reasonable considering the motor, upgrades and appearance.  However, the one thing irks me is there is no mileage listed, either for the odometer or the motor. The seller states they have every record, etc, etc, but why go through the trouble of creating a detailed listing like this without actually mentioning any of the mileage?  It even has white racing gauges, which could mean the odometer was replaced at some point. Noticeable nice things include a newer 3 window tent and a large amp for the upgraded sound system. If it runs flawlessly and everything works (sink, stove, fridge, etc), this van is priced right and will likely sell quickly. As a reference point, a good 2.2L Subaru conversion costs more than the seller is asking for the van.

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    Please provide added info:
    Transmission type manual/automatic
    Mileage on engine
    Gas or diesel
    Last service, what was done
    Is this road trip ready
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