1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Full Camper – 85k Miles – Bellevue, WA

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Full Camper w/ 85k Miles - Auction In Bellevue, WA

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Full Camper w/ 85k Miles – Bellevue, WA- eBay Auction Ends Jan 20th,

On this fine Monday morning I stumbled across this 1985 Westy auction in Bellevue, WA, quite a looker she is.  Mark your calendars, this auction ends January 20th at 10:13 pm PST.  According to the seller there is only 85k miles on the odometer, however they make no claim or representation these miles are accurate.  They’ve provided the full vehicle history report in the eBay auction, which appears to be accurate and clean of any branding or discrepancies.  The van is originally from Texas, but was moved to Bellevue Washington a couple of years ago, and as a result, looks to be free of any noticeable rust.  The seller states the only non working pieces are the cruise control, fridge and the front window defrost switch. I don’t think cruise control was as stock original option on these, so it must be aftermarket.  These are cable driven throttle, which makes cruise control a bit more difficult. While the seller says the fridge will operate if the freon is replaced, these Dometic fridges are a PITA, and if it is the stock one, they don’t run on freon, but rather ammonia.  You may want to just take out the fridge, sell it for parts, and replace it with this Go Westy storage kit.  Something the seller seems to have forgot to mention, this van has a new 3 window tent that looks to be in great shape.  The only reason I personally wouldn’t buy this van, is because it has an automatic transmission. I’m thinking they’ll get somewhere between $11k and $13k for it.  Any guesses?

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  1. Sold for $12,800.

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