SOLD ! $23k – 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ New GoWesty 2.2 Engine w/ 3yr Warranty – Eureka, CA

westfalia pop top1985 vw vanagon westfalia camper WV2ZB0252FH066457


I purchased this 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper six years ago, with the dream of it being my forever Westy. However, my body is starting to age, and at 6’4″ 230lbs, with 4 knee surgeries under my belt, I’ve realized the sad truth the drivers seat and room available is just too small for me.  I recently too her on the longest trip yet, from Eureka CA to Colorado Springs, with all kinds of adventure in between. We were on the road for 6 weeks. My right knee just can’t stay at that angle for more than a few hours without starting to hurt and getting stiff. I know that’s not going to get better with time. I’m also having issues with my right shoulder, to where I’d like to eliminate shifting a manual transmission from my daily routine. If I can’t sell it for $23,000 this time around, I may wait another year or two and enjoy the new engine and recent upgrades/work for a while. So for now, the price is very firm.

I’ve likely got $20k into this amazing van just in the past 18 months alone (have had it six years), I’m afraid to add it all up, but I have all the receipts. Here’s a quick run down of recent work, which was ALL performed at highly reputable shops.

  • (Nov 2018) Brand New GoWesty 2.2L engine with many fixings including new injectors, new air flow meter, new coolant reservoirs, new clutch, new fuel lines, new coolant & O2 sensors. The engine started with transferable 4 year 48k mile warranty (Road Warrior Warranty Info)  ($13,000)
  • (Mar 2019) Dash taken off and replaced front heater core, front blower motor w/ resistor, foam and other odds and ends cleaned up. ($1,000)
  • (Mar 2019) New Bilstien XHD Shocks. WOW, these are amazing. ($1,100)
  • (Dec 2019) Had specialty restoration shop get front end prepped, repainted with new window seal and new windshield. I have a full photo set of the before, during, after. It will be 20 years before you have to worry about dreaded and common windshield seal rust. ($2,000)
  • (2017) New brakes all the way around (calipers, rotors, drums, pads, everything), also master & slave cylinder. I think this bill was nearly $4,000
  • (2018) New power steering rack ($1,000)
  • (2015) Manual Transmission rebuild by German Transaxle in Bend, OR w/ Peloquins Limited Slip Differential. I paid the extra $1,400 to have this added at the time of rebuild.  It’s worth every penny to have true 2wd in the rear.  Is an absolute monster on packed sand, gravel, dirt, snow and even ice. It was basically my excuse not to try and find a 4wd syncro. ($4,500)
  • Go Westy 16″ steel wheels with Nokian Rotiva tires (2018) + a set of matching Konig/Thule tank track style chains.
  • (2017) Truck Mirrors ($400)
  • (2017) GoWesty Hookup Boxes ($150). I have pictures of when I took the originals off and the insulation and paint were immaculate on the inside.

This van came with an absolute bumping stereo system. It’s an older Pioneer head unit with detachable face, Aux Input and a USB drive input… and… Sirius for LIFE! That’s right, it was grandfathered in from back when and it still works. I “think” it can still be transferred (once) to a new head unit.  It’s got two 4in speakers in the front doors, and 2 6x9s under the bench seat with a pretty large AMP, all professionally installed at some point. It does take up some storage space, but it sounds, so, good.

The odometer still works and I’m just about to 180,000 miles.  I got it with roughly 120,000 miles on it, about six years ago.  I have the title report I purchased before buying it, and the last record then showed 109,000 miles, no accidents, no nothing. Clean as a whistle title. VIN WV2ZB0252FH066457

The propane tank still works, as does the stove. The original Dometic fridge occasionally works on batter or propane, it’s fussy, but can make ice when running well.  The faucet pump for the sink is clogged or broken, I haven’t had time to fix it. The water tank is clean and perfect.

I have a huge stack of records/receipts for this van. Everything that’s been done to it over the past six years, plus a folder full of paperwork from the 2 owners before me. In total it’s a stack a few inches high.

With all that being said, if you’d like to check it out, let me know.  Email with the subject line “your 1985 westy for sale”.  I think it important to make sure you are familiar with how Westys drive and operate before asking to test drive mine 🙂  Not only am I particular, I want to make sure you realize how well this Westy handles and drive compared to others that you’ve driven.  Between upgraded/new engine, new shocks, new power steering rack, new brakes, etc, this van drive SUPER nice. This is not a perfect van, but it’s very difficult to find one with these kinds of recent upgrades, AND an engine warranty, for under $25k.

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      Looking for 1985 to 1989, is your van still available?

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    • Hello James
      . Is that Westy still around for some reason and I can buy it. Okay not expecting a response back as I am sure it’s long gone.

      Max’s Dad

    • Hello,
      Is your van still available? Please email me ASAP as I am comparing and trying to make a decision.

    • Hi Jim,
      Is your van still available?

      • I have an 1984 westy for sale. Besides EJ22 saburu conversion many extras.

        Marcel LaBelle

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