1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 2.2L Motor – $12k in North Carolina

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 2.2L Motor - $12k in North Carolina

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 2.2L Motor – $12k in North Carolina

Here’s an interesting east coast Westy that showed up for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $12,000, available in North Carolina. It’s got close to 400k miles on the body, but still appears to be in decent shape.  The seller states it’s got a 2.2L bored out WasserBoxer motor and rebuilt transmission along with a variety of other recent fixes and upgrades including…

  • 2 stage regulator installed on propane tank
  • 64 Watt solar panel
  • All new coolant hoses
  • Bed liner around the bottom
  • Fuel lines replaced
  • GoWesty alternator reinforcement bracket
  • High Torque starter
  • LED lighting system installed
  • New Aluminum coolant hose flanges
  • New Bilstein shocks in rear
  • New front seats
  • New KYB shocks up front
  • New Muffler
  • New Power Steering rack
  • New Water Pump & Thermostat
  • Overhauled and rotated CVs
  • Pioneer steroe with Polk speakers
  • Rebuilt throttle body
  • Yakima roof rack installed
  1. Here’s my general tips list for buying a Westy, however it is somewhat incomplete, and there are longer lists out there.


    I think the main things are

    – does the engine get too hot in city traffic?
    – does it leak oil or other fluids?
    – how much rust? any around window seals and seams?
    – any cracks in the pop top from the rack brackets?
    – Does it have a clear and clean title?
    – was the propane tank ever upgraded?

    Have you ever driven another Westfalia? If not, find a couple of nice ones for sale near you and try to test drive them, even offer the seller $50 to go on a ride and see if you can drive it. The most important thing is you know what a good one should sound/handle/feel like, that will help a lot.

    In all, I think $10k would be a nice price, $12k would be nice if you knew 100% that it would make the road trip without any major issues, but it’s got close to 400k miles on it.

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      Martin at

      Okay, thanks so far. I have been looking to find some I can testdrive, since I haven’t tried driving one before, but so far no luck. I’m living on the eastcoast at the moment, and just finding onejust to try it out can be tricky, without having to leave the state.

      I’ll keep looking and thanks for the advise

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    Martin at

    Hey Mike, I’m in the market for buying a westfalia before the 9th of May, but don’t know that much about westfalias and for that matter cars in generel. I saw this both on your site and on eBay, which is in my price range and apparently looks good for me. Would you have any advise regarding wether or not this seems like a good buy, and what I should be observant on before buying and/or picking the vehicle up? I’m going to use it for a road trip from Miami to LA.

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