1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – Auto – 146k – $9,700 in Sacramento, CA

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper - Auto - 146k - $9,700 in Sacra

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – Auto – 146k – $9,700 in Sacramento, CA

Updated: SOLD! See the buyers comments below the post.

This one will be gone in a jiffy.  Fresh on the Bay Area craigslist about 4 hours ago is this 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with stock 1.9L engine, stock automatic transmission and 146k miles of awesome.  The seller provided 18 well taken photos and a shorter description stating a clean title, just passed smog mentions the sink/stove/fridge, so we are hoping they work, along with the propane tank.  The seller also provided the VIN so you can look up the title history. Find it for sale in Sacramento, California with an asking price of only $9,700.  Craigslist Link

A Note To Potential Buyers: This will be gone soon. I’m not sure if I’d ever buy an automatic Westy, however I’ve never driven one either.  I’d feel much more comfortable about letting friends and family drive my van if were an automatic.  If the engine is original and has never been rebuilt, my bet is that the engine will need to be addressed in the next 50k miles, or sooner. $9,700 is pretty reasonable is this is all legit, it will be sold this week.  I have an ever growing list of tips here too.

A Note To The Seller: Nicely done.  Good pictures, reasonable asking price.

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    We bought the above 1985 Sacramento Westy last night for $9,400.00 in the pouring rain and it drove like a champ on the 2.5 hour trip home, Strong engine (original), clean and comfortable, original purchase documentation, all on West Coast, two sets of keys and everything appears to work. Your write-up helped us know that it was worth a look, thank you! It was repainted a couple of years back and looks pretty good–we need to find a window latch, curtain hooks and canopy. The pop up is brand new and nice and we popped it up. Since it was outside during a lengthy storm, we noticed a bit of dampness/condensation on the roof headliner (and windows)yet found no leaks–is that common? Time will tell, of course, but it appears that this Westy was well cared for. Thank you again for your help and expertise.

  2. van being sold by a VW flipper. He knows the value, so priced accordingly.

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