1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – 85k Miles – $10k In Massachusetts

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper - 85k Miles - $10k In Massachusetts WV2ZB0259FH099729

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – 85k Miles – $10k In Massachusetts

Updated 11/26 9pm PST.  Well, looks like the seller didn’t appreciate this post very much, and also ended the auction early. See the comments below.  

Here’s a peculiar find on the East Coast that’s seen a lot of interest recently.  This 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper could ‘possibly’ be a very low mileage well cared for specimen for a reasonable price, though unfortunately very few details are provided by the seller.  It appears to come with the stock 1.9L engine and 4 speed manual transmission, with only 85k miles on the odometer.  The seller has also used up their 7 free per year Auto Check reports on eBay, so while not a bad thing, just a heads up they might be a dealer. They did provide the VIN WV2ZB0259FH099729 so if this van tickled your fancy in any way, I’d be sure to purchase a Car Fax report to get the full scoop. It’s up for auction on eBay and ens Sunday, November 29th at 4:08pm PST. There are currently 14 bids from five bidders, with the high bid sitting at $7,000, though the buy it now for only $10k is quite appealing.

Potential Awesome

  • It appear to be be mostly original.  All window seals, the beige paint, the stickers, upholstery, trim, curtains, tables etc.
  • Three window tent canvas looks pretty new. One of the only noticeable non original modifications.
  • The seller implies the kitchen appliances work, though it would be worth asking for a detailed breakdown (fridge, sink pump, water tank, etc).

Potential No So Awesome

  • There’s some seam rust under the kitchen, barely, but this often occurs from the inside, so there could be plenty more ready to be cut out and welded.
  • There’s no pictures of the undercarriage, and being a north east van, this is a critical pre visit inspection point.  The propane tanks rust quickly, so let’s hope they didn’t move the propane set up inside for this reason.
  • There’s no proof the 85k miles on the odometer is accurate. A Car Fax report would possibly help shed some light on this.
  • They’ve at least done the gas tank and likely all the seals and lines as well.  Let’s hope the gas tank was also not a victim of rust.

If this van is everything it is stated to be, it would sell for at least $13k on the West Coast, if not more. I’m very surprised it hasn’t sold at the $10k buy it now price.  So, what do you think it’s worth? Have any insights on this Westy?  Tell us in the comments below, or head on over to the individual discussions about this Westy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and share your wisdom there.  eBay Link

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    Cassandra Wrasse Holly at

    Consider it SOLD if you get ahold of me. CASH ON Delivery

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    Concerned at

    The internet is big Mike, but the vanagon/westfalia/bus community is actually quite small. When you continue to slam peoples ads, and pick apart their vehicles you are not doing anyone any benefit. You are not protecting anyone either, nor are you an expert on these. You yourself perhaps should have listened to your own advice and not have bought a cheap westfalia yourself and had it break down with a major transmission problem leaving you stuck on P.C.H. You will find that if you continue to do what you’re doing, you’ll be pushed in the corner by every other enthusiast on here and will be ostracized.

    • While I realize I’m not an expert, I do know enough about Westys and the online marketplace to help novice and intermediate folks navigate the waters. Not to boast, but I’ve got sizable folder of thank you emails in my inbox, along with many comments on the site, social media pages, and elsewhere on the internet from fans that love the website. I may get a bit carried away when a shady seller gets under my skin, but as far as the vanagon/westy/bus community, the fear of being “ostracized” or pushed into a corner by a particular group doesn’t rattle me at all. I realize there are plenty crusty curmudgeons that don’t like what I’m doing, doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m not here to be friends with everyone. As far as my Westy, I got an amazing deal 3 years ago, and I never got stranded on the PCH, though I did have to drive about 600 miles without reverse. The fact the you even know I had transmission issues shows that you’re a fan and follower of this site 🙂

  3. I own this van and I AM NOT A DEALER. I don’t know who posted this item, but they should get their facts straight. First of all, THERE IS NO SEAM RUST UNDER THE KITCHEN. Please – do pull a car fax and it will verify that the mileage is accurate. The gas lines did not need redoing as THEY WERE NOT RUSTED… Let me be very clear… ALL APPLIANCES IN THE KITCHEN WORK. This means that the fridge will run off of both propane and electric. The stove works as does the water. I don’t know who this idiot was who posted this, but they haven’t seen the car, they posted the picture without my permission and then they lied and implied things that are just not true. If you are interested in the van, please contact me 857-248-8200. I will be happy to show you the van in person.

    • Welcome to the internet MC. When you’re selling a vehicle like this online (or anywhere), it’s best to provide as much detail as possible, it saves everyone a lot of time, including you. After taking a deeper look, I’d like to also note it appears you’ve had some issues selling Westy’s in the past, according to your eBay Feedback history. “Seller told half truths, Van has extensive damage not disclosed to me! A Liar.” If you’re so confident in the vehicles history and mileage, pay $30 for a title report to try and back up that odometer reading. Next, unless you’d like to prove it is dirt or otherwise, there is seam rust brewing in the usual area (rocker panel between propane tank and hookups), in the photo you posted. There’s no way to determine the extent of the rust by what you provided, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s there in the photo. I also noticed you removed said photo from the craigslist post. eBay provides 7 free Auto Check report per year to sellers, since there was no free Auto Check with this listing, that means it is likely at least the 8th vehicle you’ve listed on eBay in the past year. So you might not be a “dealer”, but I thought I would point this out for my readers. Also, when you post something for sale online, eBay, or anywhere, I don’t need your permission to write an opinion on it, it even falls under “fair use” for me to use the pictures. When it pops up for sale again, I’ll be sure to update my readers in this post. In regards to the threatening email you sent me, not a good idea. Best of luck selling your Westy.

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    Kenny Heggem at

    Not bad. The rust would concern me. If they had good records and the mechanical inspebtion went well, this isn’t a crack pipe price like some. But rust? I’d walk right past it.

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