1984 Westy Camper w/ Tiico Engine and Locking Rear Diff – $11k in Phoenix, AZ

1984 Westy Camper w/ Tiico Engine and Locking Rear Diff - $11k i

1984 Westy Camper w/ Tiico Engine and Locking Rear Diff – $11k in Phoenix, AZ

This one is definitely a bit rough around the edges, but comes with some nice features, including a Tiico engine conversion. This van is a 1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with a 2.0L VW/Audi engine with roughly 40k miles on it and a manual transmission with a rear locking differential.   If you live in California and plan to register it there, make sure all the correct parts were used so it will pass a smog referee, as you’ll likely need to get this CARB certified, check this out for more info.  It comes with a ladder, two batteries, a 1300 watt inverter and the fridge is said to work all 3 ways (nice!).  It also appears to come with a full length awning and possibly 3 sets of rack tabs mounted to the pop top.  It’s the original tent canvas, but does show nicely, which is a good sign this van was reflectively well cared for. The seller didn’t provide the VIN, so you’ll definitely want to ask about that one so you can do a title check.  Find it for sale in Phoenix, AZ with an asking price of $11k. Craigslist Link

If this specimen has been a lifetime desert dweller, it could be well worth the $11k.  Go find a new slider door, give it a new paint job and new upholsetry and you could have yourself a show worth Westy with some unique powertrain features (engine and diff lock).

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    Bruce Burningman at

    I LOVE my Tiico! 140HP and 6500 Redline, 90% reduction in engine related problems vs the 2.1L, Loooong engine life too. The Previous Owner spent a bundle to have the job professionally done; now has 65,000 trouble free miles.

    I try to learn from others and my own mistakes. $18K in 14 months fixing flat fours on my ’91 made me believe Never Again on Flat Fours. Plan Where you break down…

    The Learning Curve goes like this:

    GoWesty (bad gas, bad pipes, bad experience at a Big Price)

    Subaru (German Mechanics “WTF?”, Japanese Mechanics “WTF?”) Plan where you breakdown!

    In Line Four VW Engine (in my case Tiico) all those are non issues, non expenses and no non sense. Dr. Paul is Right!

    The current consensus (among those with all the Learning Curve Experience$) on engine swaps is VW Turbo Four.

    BTW, engine replacements are dirt cheap compared to flat fours…

  2. This van is in rough shape, that right rear quarter is nothing easy to fix, especially around the fender lip. Hate it when owners minimizes the amount of damages on their ad. Just to show you how realistic they are regarding the condition of their vans.

    I have owned a Tiico conversion, the power is more than adequate compared to a 2.1L motor, it actually drives better than the 2.1L of course this all depends on the condition of the motor itself. I feel VW engineers should have put the Tiico set up in all their vanagons instead of the flat 4 set up. Just way a more superior engine.

  3. The Tiico is hit n miss

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      Dr Paul at

      Tiico is like any other conversion=depends on WHO did the work. I looked at several TIICOs before buying mine, and most were shade tree mechanics/less than professional.
      I finally found a TIICO that was owned by a Dr. and a professional mechanic did the conversion and BAR CA smog sticker, all new cooling tubes and new tranny.

      You gets what you pays for with a Westy.
      It’s more like buying aircraft- a certified history with mechanical updates and maintenance records = keeper.

      I am very happy with the Tiico, and I’ve owned four Westys so I am familiar with the ‘wasserboxer’ shortcomings.

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