1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Wolfsburg Camper – $14,500 in San Diego, CA

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Wolfsburg $14,500 in San Diego, CA

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Wolfsburg $14,500 in San Diego, CA

For some reason I’ve been noticing more of these older two tone Westys for sale recently, and even on the road. The listing for this one says 1984, but then in the description, it states 1985, so I’m not really sure which it could be, but maybe someone with the paint knowledge here will tell, as I don’t think I’ve seen two tone ’84s, only ’85s?  At any rate, here’s a rare Westy Wolfsburg camper (most Wolfsburgs I see are weekenders, not campers), and she sure is clean and purdy. The odometer reads just under 200k and it comes with a variety of new parts and pieces including a 3 window tent, windshield gasket, clutch, tires, bumpers and a big photobucket album with 65 pictures. If the engine is original, I still think this is priced a bit high, but is likely worth at least $12k.

  1. The 1984 Westy Wolfsburg was the ONLY two tone brown and tan, and came with the first brown, soft corduroy (not ribbed) seats with armrests, and leather dashboard. The’85s were either all brown or a metallic brown/gold color, I believe. But I’m sure about the’84.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Chris (and Bob). Hope it’s legit and works out for someone, looks like a decent van. If the engine and/or transmission are original and have never been rebuilt, it will likely need it soon. Too bad they were shady about service history.

  3. i was considering this van but have decided not to pursue. couple reasons/red flags for me. first i would rather have original paint, call me paranoid but you can cover up a lot with new paint. second, they were very vague about service records when i asked about work that has been done. third – this is a “flipper”situation, the person bought it cheap didn’t use it and is now selling. it might still be a good deal if you can get it for 10000 -10500. i decided to be patient.

  4. My 84 Wolfsburg Westy full camper is also two toned.

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