1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 3.0L Nissan V6 – $18,000 in San Diego

1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 3.0L Nissan V6 - $18,000 in San Diego, CA

1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 3.0L Nissan V6 – $18,000 in San Diego, CA

Updated (2/16/15): See comments below post.

While I’ve heard stories of Japanese engines in Vanagons, I don’t think I’ve seen one up for sale yet, until now.  A cool $20k  $18k down in San Diego will get you this 1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper fitted with a 3.0L Nissan V6 from a 1992 Maxima.  Not much is mentioned about the conversion, other than it’s CA DMV certified, which means it was likely done by a professional.  I can’t seem to find a whole lot of info on these, however there is a crazy honemoon story(link) about an adventure with a “MaxiWesty”.

Nissan Maxima 3L Engine In A Vanagon Wesfalia

Somehow a 3L Nissan Engine Fits – And Passes CA Emissions Requirements

This rig has enjoyed a variety of desirable enhancements including a three window tent, South African grill and headlights, fog lights, rhino lined lower, 4 wheel disc brakes,  Bilstien shocks, new clutch, 3 batteries, 17′  BMW wheels, Van Cafe bumpers, Yakima rack, new rv hookups and a heated shower (propane?).  If this thing is all legit and running well, I think this is a very fair asking price.  I have a feeling this will sell quickly.  Craigslist Link

    • I believe this sold long ago, crazy build though, love that engine.

  1. I’m just now seeing this thanks to Mike. This is my van. I haven’t had any solid offers yet. I guess people there aren’t as many people willing to buy them as much as they want them. I’ve had few far below asking price offers sight unseen. I don’t want to sell it bad enough to give it away.
    The a/c works, and the shower is heated through a copper coil heat exchanger that I made that sits in the water tank and tee’s into the rear heaters coolant. It is operated by a manual ball valve. I have added a well with a thermometer to monitor temp to know when to shut the ball valve.
    Thanks for heads up on this Mike.

  2. asking price is now down to $18k. I really, really like this Westy, though I haven’t seen it in person. That 3.0L Nissan engine is super reliable, and lots of parts are available. It’s an odd swap for sure, but that CARB sticker is nice. Has anyone seen this Westy?

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