1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – $9,500 in Arcata, CA (again)

Orange 1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper - $9,500 in Arcata, CA

Orange 1984 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – $9,500 in Arcata, CA

UPDATED:  It’s been listed again for $10,500 here.

I saw this van for sale a couple of months back and wrote about it, but not sure if anyone ever bought it.  Well, it’s back up for sale again here on craigslist in Arcata, CA.  The seller says it has been garaged since 1991 and has zero oxidation or rust.  If this is true, and the title is clean, this looks like a great investment van for the long term.  In the last 10,000 miles they’ve replaced the shocks, cv joints, head gasket, water pump, catalytic converter, O2 sensor, front grill and front brakes rotors/pads. It also has the  Hella H4 conversion headlights which are a nice upgrade from the dim stock lamps. It was smogged about a week ago and is ready to hit the road.  Best part of all is it supposedly only has 140k on the clock. Nice van.

Here’s what I would ask the seller and/or do if I were considering this van.

  • Get the VIN and do a history check for owners, mileage, accidents, etc.
  • Does the fridge, stove and sink work?
  • Has it ever been to Burning Man? (Playa dust sucks!)
  • Check for cracks near the Yakima wide body rack mounts. It has enough for 3 bars, which is pretty sweet, but these are a pain to put on straight and need to be sealed with silicone.  Make sure the bolts are not rubbing on the tent.
  • Who did the head gasket work?  Make sure it was a reputable shop.  Feel free to ask me if the seller tells you.
  • Drive it around it town for 15min to see how hot it gets, does the needle get above the led light?

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  1. The seller has taken this listing down as they are considering putting a bit more work into it before selling.

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