1983 VW Vanagon High Top Custom Adventure Wagon – $18k in Delaware

1983 vw vanagon hightop adventurewagon custom green subaru delaware 1
Many of us Vanagon and Westfalia enthusiasts have seen this van for sale for a while now, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been sold at its current asking price. While not a true Westy, I would personally consider checking this out if it was near me and easy to register where I live, however it’s the exact opposite. It’s in Delaware, and I’m in California. This camper van van is a 1983 VW Vanagon Hightop Conversion with a Subaru 2.5L and relatively low miles on recent engine and manual transmission rebuilds.

While the odometer is a hair shy of 300,000 miles, the evidence shows this van has seen a complete overhaul in recent years, with one photo showing the van down to bare bones before painting and new insulation. Between the fresh paint and high top, to the custom cabinetry, the powertrain, the solar power, water, wiring, bumpers, wheels, propane heater, fridge, stero, everything…. a large percentage of the parts on this van are new. I’m not quite sure how long it’s been for sale, but the current eBay Auction ends on Sunday March 3rd. The free eBay Auto Check Report (VIN WV2YA0256DH003518) shows a good score, no incidents and a couple of odometer reading verifications.

Find the current auction on eBay, with a starting bid of $18,000, or The Samba classified listing (with more photos) for $19,500. As I mentioned, California buyers would likely want to avoid this unless you know a sensible and lax CARB referee.


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