1983.5 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 48k Miles – Auction In Davenport, IA

1983.5 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 48k Miles - Auction In Dav

1983.5 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper w/ 48k Miles – Auction In Davenport, Iowa

UPDATED:  Sold For $13,086See comments below the post.

Here’s a rare survivor from the first iteration of the water cooled 1.9L engine up for auction in the midwest.  This specimen is a 1983.5 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper with stock 1.9L engine, stock manual transmission, and everything is stated to function properly. There’s a couple of minor nicks and scratches, a small hole in the original tent canvas and it probably needs a new O2 sensor and maybe a muffler. The only aftermarket addition mentioned is that there have been some “additional outlets wired in”, not sure what that means, or if it’s got an inverter, etc.   The seller, whom is the 2nd owner, is looking to cash in with hopes of a Buy It Now price of $25k.  However, now let’s talk about actual mileage.  The seller states 48k original miles, and honestly the van looks it, however the free title check report shows an odometer discrepancy noted back in 2004.  I’m going to email the seller and see if they’ve got some insights here.  You can check it out for yourself in Davenport, Iowa with the auction ending on September 24th. eBay Link (VIN WV2ZB0250DH074506)

  1. The seller got the flub sorted out with the DMV and the mileage is supposedly accurate and no reflected in the title reports. The relisted auction sold on eBay yesterday for $13,086 after 33 bids from 11 bidders. Link

  2. Finally after dealing with the Iowa department of Transportation they found an error in their records and fixed the problem. Mileage and title are clear and accurate.

  3. This is my van and I can assure you the mileage is correct and accurate. This van has not been traveled in for the last 10-12 years. It was taken on a trip through Canada and the US in the late 80’s. It has only been taken out to local parks for picnics once or maybe twice per year because the previous owner had been in bad health. Otherwise it has been covered in storage for most of its life. It would be obvious that it has hardly been used if seen in person. I am unsure why there are odometer or title inaccuracies, all I can say is that I have 2 emails into AutoCheck (they do not have a contact number) and they have not responded to me. I have all records of services in chronological order and at one point it looks like the mileage recorded on an invoice in 2008 and 2012 were recorded by CarX as the same mileage.

    • Not doubting you Tim, however there’s a discrepancy in the official paperwork, so unless you get it sorted out as to why/what/etc, you’ll likely have a hard time getting $25k for it. If you can prove that this is a mistake, you’ll likely get your asking price, however if not, you might only get $16k or so at best. Good luck, hope you can get to the bottom of it, as it sure is a nice looking Westy!

  4. So it’s been all over Canada and the US and only has 47K miles? Hummm….. 🙂

    • Yes, the trip through Canada was taken in the late 80’s. The mileage is correct

  5. I emailed the seller to ask about the odometer discrepancy and they’re either avoiding it, or they don’t know what I’m referring to. I’ve replied again for clarification on the below.

    “Also, a side note I purchased this from a family friend, an older couple in their 90’s, the husband recently passed away and the kids wanted to get rid of it as well as the mom did.
    They spent the last few years only taking it to local parks for picnics, no longer camping in it. She had stories of taking it all over the US and canada. My recent bill of sale actual mileage was 46,876 miles. It has right almost 46,900 ish as I have driven it since my eBay posting.”

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