1982 VW Westfalia Full Camper – 79k Original Miles

1982 VW Westfalia Full Camper With Only 77k Original Miles For Sale In Portland

1982 VW Westfalia Full Camper With Only 77k Original Miles For Sale In Portland

Just listed on eBay in the last 24 hours, the 7 day auction on this immaculate Westy ends August 20th at 2pm PST.  Located in Portland, Oregon, this appears to be the real deal.  Always garaged, non smoker, no pets, to rust, no rips, new tires. Possible original owner selling it because he doesn’t use it much.  The exterior and interior are approaching showroom condition, with only 79,000 original miles. While this is an air cooled Westy, this seems like the perfect van to drop a new motor and coolant system into and have it around for decades. Personally I’m just not a fan of the air cooled motors, I’ve also never owned one either.  At any rate, this is a rare find and there are likely not many specimens left like this in the world.  Guessing the reserve price is $12k or higher.

  1. WOW! Someone swooped this up for $10,533. What a deal! I wonder what the lucky winner is going to do with it. Keep it real? Or upgrade it to watercooled subie, 1.8T or TDI? Maybe we’ll see it for sale again one of these days.

  2. Love those stories Elwood. Do you have a good temperature gauge set up? Did you do it in summer or winter?

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      Elwood at

      Left first week in June and return early July. No AC so we rising with the sun and drove till around noon or so. “Slow and curious” was our motto.
      OEM gauges, minus the odometer and then the speedometer in Flagstaff AZ., on the return trip. Best vacation ever!

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    How about showing some Air Cooled love? I had just returned from a month long cross country trip in a 1982 Air Cooled. Penna. to Sequoia NP and back. This one had caught my eye also, being it is the same year and color of mine. I just hope who ever buys it, uses it! Another nice find Mike!

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