’82 Westy Camper w/ Fresh 1.9L Turbo Diesel – $20k in Oakland, CA

1982 vw vanagon diesel westfalia camper oakland ca 20k 2Locating a good condition 1.9L turbo diesel Westfalia for sale, at a reasonable price, is becoming more of a challenge every day (especially this time of year), and even more so in California. Browse through the diesel Vanagon listings on the The Samba HERE and notice the current general availability is either kinda beat and rusting, or super expensive. Not much of a middle ground these days. That’s where I feel this Westy comes in, though up front I will disclose a slight bias, the sellers are friends of mine. With that being said, I’ve obviously seen this van in person many times, and it’s a winner at their current asking price of $20k. The beautiful original assuan brown paint speaks for itself, and most notably, the new engine and rebuilt transmission have less than 5,000 miles on them. This work (along with other maintenance) was done by the well respected Karmakanix in Berkeley, CA.  The engine installed was a brand new AAZ long block, with a mechanical injection pump, so no complex wiring harness, a very simple design. The transmission has a taller ratio ring and pinion, which means it might actually be new (vs. rebuilt).

This 1982 VW Vanagon Diesel Westfalia Camper comes with a working Dometic fridge, working propane tank, working 2 burner stove, working water faucet & tank, auxiliary battery & inverter and upgraded later model front seats(with arm rests!). Icing on the cake is the highly sought after South African grill and headlight kit. This is the only ’82 diesel I’ve seen that has A/C, even though it’s described as sub par. It’s currently located in the East Bay / Oakland, CA area with an asking price of $20k, boasting a original 139k original miles. Find it on craigslist here.  Check out what others are saying about this Westy on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest & Twitter.

  1. Is this one still available? If so, are there any more pictures?

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    David mcCoy at

    Want to buy this. Please let me know if it’s available.

  3. Any chance this was originally purchased from a VW dealer on San Carlos Ave. in 1982 and ‘delivered/picked up’ in Frankfurt, Germany, same year? And registered to an address in Davis, CA?

  4. Is this still for sale

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    Jeremy K at

    Is this one still around, or do you know if it has sold? Thanks!

    • Just started looking but this may be what I’m looking for. Lice in Welches, Or at the base of Mt Hood but my son lives in Pleasant Hill and works in San Francisco so I would like him to see it and get his opinion

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