1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia – 1.9L Turbo Diesel – $15k in Minnesota

1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia - 1.9L Turbo Diesel - $15k in Minnesot

1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia – 1.9L Turbo Diesel – $15k in Minnesota

While I’m a bit weary of any Vanagon pre 1985 or so, some of these are still really great finds, and one of those could be this one that showed up for sale on The Samba last night. This rig is a 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper with a relatively fresh 1.9L AAZ Turbo Diesel engine, manual transmission and some good looks for it’s age.  The seller states that all the kitchen appliances work, the upper control arm bushings were recently replaced and that a buyer could “drive this van anywhere”.  No mention on the actual MPGs, however most vanagons with with a good turbo diesel and road tires will get close to 30mpg on the highway, much better than the 19mpg most of us get with stock wbx gas engines.  It has definitely seen a fresh coat of paint in it’s days, and it’s also got an updated 3 window tent canvas.  The seller did provide the VIN WV2ZG0258CH103962 so you can do your homework on it’s history.   I think the asking price might be high for the region, but would probably do well on the West Coast. Check it our for sale on The Samba in Redwood Falls, Minnesota with an asking price of $15k. The Samba Link

  1. The ad says a 1.9 AAZ motor, not a turbo. Huge difference.

    • I know the AAZ can be either naturally aspirated or Turbo, and I swear this one said “turbo” in it the first time I looked, maybe someone corrected them. Thanks for the catch.

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