1982 VW Vanagon 1.6L Diesel Westfalia – 90k Miles – $14k in Portland, OR

1982 VW Vanagon 1.6L Diesel Westfalia - 90k Miles - $14k in Portland, OR

1982 VW Vanagon 1.6L Diesel Westfalia – 90k Miles – $14k in Portland, OR

So sad and more common than we’d all like with Westys, the owner bought this van, then the rebuilt engine cost was too much for them, so now they’re selling.  Your chance to win here.  These are slooooow, likely the slowest vehicle you will ever drive, but it is a small house that get’s 25+mpg on the highway, so there are upsides.  This van is a 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with 98k original miles, freshly rebuilt 1.6L diesel engine, manual transmission, clean title, rust free, new pop top tent and otherwise appears all original and unmolested.  There’s no VIN provided, and the seller didn’t go into detail regarding kitchen appliance order, however $14k for a rust free, < 100k mile diesel Westy with a fresh rebuilt engine, in Portland, that’s a good deal.  Check it out this weekend. Craigslist Link

Have you ever driven one of these? What do you think it’s worth?  Leave a comment below or head on over to the individual discussions about this Westy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.

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    Matt Fischler at

    82 diesel vanagon with 1900cc and gas engine tranny.
    Cruises at 70mph and gets 29 mpg. Strong running for sure.
    Completely restored. I’m selling it eventually.

    I have the diesel tranny if someone needs a rebuilt one.
    The 1600 diesel is gone.

    Back seat folds into bed and has a refrigerator that runs off
    3 deep cycle batteries. Cooked and slept in it for a month.
    Clean with new upholstery and carpet. Plus lots more.

    This ain’t your common VW Vanagon diesel. All mechanical new or rebuilt!

    It was a lot of work and money to get it into this condition.
    Everything is rebuilt. Not a speck of rust.

    Call Matt if interested. I’ve got over 35,000 in it.
    You can have it for 25K. 858 484 5065

  2. They are incredibly slow but nimble on their feet. i had a 82 back in 84 and spent a year touring the states, canada and mexico. it was downright scary on the freeway or mountains but soon learned how to drift behind the semis. the pulling might have been just a breeze blowing. all in all it was a great little home on wheels for a year.

  3. I drove it and it was extroadinarly how intensely slow it was. It also pulls dramatically to the right in the road, I was thinking it was more suspension based than just alligning, but that would be discovered upon inspection. No history on camping equip or passed service. The shop that did the work is very reputable.
    Based on history and being a diesel model with difficulty keeping up with modern traffic, I can see 7-8 grand. Had it been a 1.9 conversion, 10k. I’d buy it and someday convert it, but I’m sure the 1.6 would be disturbing, not for the faint of heart when it comes to planning even the most minor freeway experience.

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