1982 Diesel Westfalia Camper w/ 69k miles – $10k in Santa Barbara, CA

1982 Diesel Westfalia Camper w/ 69k miles - $10k in Santa Barbar

1982 Diesel Westfalia Camper w/ 69k miles – $10k in Santa Barbara, CA

Here’s a sweet looking find that showed up on craigslist yesterday in So Cal.  Check out this orange crush 1982 VW Vanagon Diesel Westfalia Camper with 16″ wheels and a fresh pop top tent.  No other significant info is provided, other than it’s got rear vented side windows and their asking price of $10k is firm. Check it out in Santa Barbara, CA. Craigslist Link

Ok.  So, first off, which diesel is this? The utterly slow 1.6 non-turbo?  Great MPGs, but very slow, and with 16″ wheels, is this for turtle racing? It could have a 1.9L turbo diesel in it, though the seller doesn’t go into details.  There’s also no VIN, and 69k miles is amazingly low, so be sure to get the VIN ahead of time and do a title check.  It does have some bedliner or primer around the rocker panels, definitely want to look for evidence of rust or bubbling.

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  1. Avoid these stock diesels at all costs, they are worthlessly slow as we all know 50-55 mph max on the freeway on flat road unloaded and super uncomfortable to drive in. At idle it is a nightmare to sit in as you literally feel the van shake apart. I had a 82 with a rebuilt 1.9 liter diesel with a turbo set up( pick up speed was comparable with a stock 2.1 L waterboxer) and it was still bad as you still have to deal with all the shaking(rumbling) at idle (it gets old after a day on the road), the 1.6L is a piece of S_ _ _ . If you are going to buy a diesel, buy it so you can put any engine in you want ( not another diesel) to avoid Ca. smog. Stick with the later model 2.1 L waterboxer, which provides better power and reliability.
    seller says new canvas pop top, are you kidding me, looks like he added the side windows himself and calls it new. I have never seen such a canvas top made like that.

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