1982 1.9L Diesel Westfalia Camper $16,000 in Fairview, NC

1982 Diesel Westy w/ 170k and new motor - $16,0000 in FAirview, NC

1982 Diesel Westy w/ 170k and new motor – $16,0000 in FAirview, NC

Here’s a cool find for those Westy hunting on the east coast.  This 1982 Westfalia Camper auction on eBay ends on Feb 7th around 7pm EST, it is located in Fairview, NC.  A buy it now price of $16,000 is being offered, and depending on which new diesel motor was added, is probably reasonable deal.  There’s 0 to minimal rust, good looking wheels and tires, all the camping equipment works and Asheville Vee Dub in North Carolina has done a majority of the recent upgrades and work, which the seller has record of. If the 176k miles are original and a vehicle history report checks out, this would be a great entry level Westy for someone that wants the MPG of the diesel.  There are in fact quite a few diesels that can be put in these, I’ll see if the seller will get back to us with more info.

UPDATED: Here’s the response I received from the eBay seller in regards to my engine question. The prefix is 068, but I can’t find a motor on this wikipedia page with that prefix, so maybe it’s the 1.9 R4 SDI 29-50kW?

“In answer to your questions, this engine is NOT turbo. It’s a 1.9L Diesel VW engine. I purchased it and had it installed in 2011. My friends at Asheville Vee Dub and I looked for the engine ID number, and we think that it is 068103603A, if that’s helpful at all! Also-when they gave it a tune-up and general service, they discovered that there was a slight leak in the fuel pump, so they sent it out and had it completely rebuilt a few weeks ago. Added bonus to all of the other new parts in the van!!”

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