10K Original Miles – 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Diesel Auction in North Carolina

Orange 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Diesel With 10k Original Miles - Auction In Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Orange 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Diesel With 10k Original Miles – Auction In Rocky Mount, North Carolina Ends May 11th, 2014

UPDATED 3:53 pm 5/6/14. (see below original post)

I find it hard to believe too, but yes, the seller claims there are only 10k original miles on this 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia camper diesel. They claim to have gotten from the original owner who had some engine trouble and then just let it sit for ages. The current seller found a way to swoop it up from the original owner and rebuild the engine and now it supposedly runs like new. Keep in mind, this is the original naturally aspirated non turbo diesel with 48 horsepower.  I’ve never driven one, but I did once drive a VW Rabbit from the same year with the same engine, and even that was slow as molasses. At least they only made these in a manual transmission.  While it is in superb condition, it does have some dents and there are 0 pictures of the pop top tent, not sure why the seller didn’t include those. Even the undercarridge still has some of the orange paint left on it in places.  The seller also threw on some new shoes and installed rebuilt calipers along with new brake hoses and other rubber things. This is a great candidate for a CA gas engine swap, as you’ll likely never have to smog it since the title says diesel. Maybe see if the guys at Bostig would be willing to do a proper engine swap and then have it shipped to the west coast?

The seller states that It is sold AS IS and WHERE IS. If, once you bid and pay for this, it explodes in a ball of flame and shrapnel at the end of the drive? My responsibility ends at calling 911″

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Updated!  I just received this reply from the seller which I thought I’d share.

It’s easier answer questions that it is to write a book about this van so PLEASE have people ask!! . I’ve owned a lot of VW vans. Mine is an 84 westy which I converted to Subaru power 150,000 miles ago and never looked back. One of my students (college automotive) told me about this van. “One like yours!” Uh huh. between a hedge and a house WITH plates on it and a LONG overdue inspection. It took a year to find the owner as he had moved to VA. When I finally opened door to see the mileage I did a double-take and said “THIS CAN’T BE RIGHT!!!?!?!” He smiled..”No”, he said, “It is”. He’s retired military (hence the sticker in the window) and had been a local minister. He said the original owner had been 80 years old when he bought it and used it to go fishing. His wife lived “several states away” (which I suspect is why the title information comes back with it having been in NY) and he’d go to visit her for a few months and then come back and go fishing. Once he became too infirm to drive, he gave it to the minister who only used it to go to evening choir practice..yeah.. I know..little old lady going to church, right? One evening he got “almost home” after one of the original belts broke and it overheated. He pulled the head and sat everything out in the back very nicely. He realized what he had and, as he said, “What am I doing?, I have 3 other cars!” and it sat…and sat…OK..It sounds hokey until you start looking at it. The “old man” seat covers and the lack of use and wear almost everywhere you look. Well, long story short, I pulled the engine, bored it .040 over, found and installed a new head and all the stuff (water pump/brake hoses/calipers etc)you’d do to make it a driver. The body has a scrape/oil-can on the left panel and damage on the sliding door, along with some smaller dings. It does need small things to be perfect and I could have put in a TDi or subie, but I just CAN’T! It’s like a wayback machine.

  1. I was the lucky person to purchase this Westy. The ebay auction did not work out withe the seller because of escrow, ebay policies, etc… He listed the Westy on TheSamba and I could not purchase it fast enough. I flew down and drove it home. It needed a couple minor things but I could not be happier. This is one I’ll have forever.

  2. 17 bid from 7 bidders with a lucky winner coming at $10,000. Nice price!

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