1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper – 85k Miles – $10k In Massachusetts

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper - 85k Miles - $10k In Massachusetts WV2ZB0259FH099729

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper - 85k Miles - $10k In Massachusetts

Updated 11/26 9pm PST.  Well, looks like the seller didn't appreciate this post very much, and also ended the auction early. See the comments below.  

Here's a peculiar find on the East Coast that's seen a lot of interest recently.  This 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper could 'possibly' be a very low mileage well cared for specimen for a reasonable price, though unfortunately very few details are provided by the seller.  It appears to come with the stock 1.9L engine and 4 speed manual transmission, with only 85k miles on the odometer.  The seller has also used up their 7 free per year Auto Check reports on eBay, so while not a bad thing, just a heads up they might be a dealer. They did provide the VIN WV2ZB0259FH099729 so if this van tickled your fancy in any way, I'd be sure to purchase a Car Fax report to get the full scoop. It's up for auction on eBay and ens Sunday, November 29th at 4:08pm PST. There are currently 14 bids from five bidders, with the high bid sitting at $7,000, though the buy it now for only $10k is quite appealing.

Potential Awesome

  • It appear to be be mostly original.  All window seals, the beige paint, the stickers, upholstery, trim, curtains, tables etc.
  • Three window tent canvas looks pretty new. One of the only noticeable non original modifications.
  • The seller implies the kitchen appliances work, though it would be worth asking for a detailed breakdown (fridge, sink pump, water tank, etc).

Potential No So Awesome

  • There's some seam rust under the kitchen, barely, but this often occurs from the inside, so there could be plenty more ready to be cut out and welded.
  • There's no pictures of the undercarriage, and being a north east van, this is a critical pre visit inspection point.  The propane tanks rust quickly, so let's hope they didn't move the propane set up inside for this reason.
  • There's no proof the 85k miles on the odometer is accurate. A Car Fax report would possibly help shed some light on this.
  • They've at least done the gas tank and likely all the seals and lines as well.  Let's hope the gas tank was also not a victim of rust.

If this van is everything it is stated to be, it would sell for at least $13k on the West Coast, if not more. I'm very surprised it hasn't sold at the $10k buy it now price.  So, what do you think it's worth? Have any insights on this Westy?  Tell us in the comments below, or head on over to the individual discussions about this Westy on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterRead More About This Westy


Nice! Westy Camper w/ Subaru EJ22 Engine – $27k – Los Angeles, CA

1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Subaru EJ22 Engine Los Angeles, CA - $27k

1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Subaru EJ22 Engine Los Angeles, CA - $27k

Here's a find that caught my eye mid work day, so here I am to tell you about it.  Yes, it's got a high sticker price, and some will balk at it, but for the right buyer, there could be some value here. This van is a 1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with 154k miles on the odometer, 15k miles on a fresh Subaru EJ22 engine swap, stock automatic transmission and some overall good looks.  It's available on craigslist in Los Angeles, CA with an asking price of $27,500.

Here's the thing.  A good EJ22 Subaru swap done by Bus Lab is at least $16k, and it comes with a warranty, not sure what the status of this current build is. It may or many not have come with a warranty. This is also a CA smog compliant swap, as it was in California, by Bus Lab, with the Kennedy Engineering parts.  I'd be sure to run a CarFax report to see what comes up for this Westy's past, the seller provided the VIN here ( WV2ZB0259HH025620 ).


Aside from the awesome engine upgrade, the seller claims to have done a ton of other awesome upgrades including... A/C service, tinted windows, 15" wheels, new propane tank, new water tank pump, gas tank reseal (important!), fresh 3 window tent and pop top seals, new springs, new stereo, new carpet and nice looking 15" wheels. The sink, stove and fridge are implied to work, but be sure to check on the specifics here as well.

Potential Cons.

When a tired old original transmission with 140k miles meets a fresh engine with 50% more horsepower, know you'll probably be investing in a new transmission with 50k miles, if not much sooner.  The seller also mentions it has a trailer hitch, be sure to ask why they towed with it.  Anything more than a bike rack is questionable.

I personally wouldn't buy an automatic transmission, though I do see the major bonus being that it's easy for others (friends, family) to drive it on road trips, as the manuals are a bit tricky for newbies. If I bought this van, I'd start saving for a rebuilt automatic trans from German Transaxle, and add the Peloqins for another $1,300.

All in all, I think for the right buyer in CA this is worth at least $25k, depending on many of the factors mentioned above (warranty? auto trans, etc). What do you think it's worth?  Spill your beans in the comments below, or head on over to the individual discussions about this Westy Facebook Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest and share your wisdom there!

Craigslist LinkRead More About This Westy


1981 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Subaru 2.2L Engine + Extras $17k in Los Angeles, CA

1981 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Subaru 2.2L Engine + Extras $18k in Los Angeles, CA - WV2ZA0259BH129549

1981 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Subaru 2.2L Engine + Extras $17k in Los Angeles, CA

Here's a tough one. Selling a car in a state where you can't actually register said car. Bummer. The current owner has a home in Arizona, where it is currently registered, though they are in California at the moment.  This Van is a 1981 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper  w/ a Subaru 2.2L engine (200k miles), manual transmission and 220k on the body. The current owner has had it for a couple of years, but is moving out of the country at the end of the month. This is a mega bonus when negotiating price.  Storing this for a year or more would be expensive, especially in Southern California.  The seller states this van was overhauled and resorted in 2009, it appears to have had quite a lot of upgrades.  They currently have it up for acction on eBay with a Buy It Now of $18k, but  Here's what stands out to me.


  • Subaru EJ22 2.2L Engine.  This was done with the Kennedy Conversion kit parts, but with an OBDII motor, which makes it pretty much impossible to pass smog.  However, it's a bad ass engine if done right. It's at 200k miles, so it might need maintenance at some point.
  • South African Grill & Headlights.  Much brighter and cooler looking that the originals.
  • GoWesty 16" Wheels. While there are some drawbacks with bigger wheels, I feel the pros outweigh the cons, especially with the Subaru engine.
  • The seller holds 30k in receipts dating back to 1995. Proof it's been well cared for.
  • It seems to have the original tent canvas, which is in really good shape for being 35 years old, well cared for.
  • Looks to have an upgraded fridge, though I can't tell which kind. Make sure all the kitchen appliances and propane work.

Potential Cons.

  • California and possible other states won't let it pass smog, sorry.
  • It's an '81, pretty old, and depending on what was upgraded, I think these may have had a poor shift linkage design that doesn't shift as smooth as it later model counterparts.
  • If you live in the South West, Rockers or PNW, this rig might be the one you're looking for. Sorry California :(.
  • While it is an 81, it's hard to find a nice well cared for Subuaru conversion for under $20k.

The Auto Check report provided by eBay only works on post 1981 VINs, but it appears one might be able to look up the VIN WV2ZA0259BH129549 on CarFax?  $17k is a decent price, however with risk and cost of storing it, the seller might go for 1k-2k less, you never how.  Then again, it's already at a fairly low price, so I wouldn't be surprised if it goes for $17k soon.  What do you think it's worth? Have you seen this van before? Going to see it?  Tell us below in the comments, or jump on over to the individual … Read More About This Westy


1986 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Auction In Santa Fe, NM

1986 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Auction in Santa Fe, NM

1986 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Auction in Santa Fe, NM

Updated 11/5/15. The seller left a comment below with the new eBay item ID, along with a few more notes.

As the renewed interest of Vanagon "Westys" continues, the expectations and asking prices followed suit. Recently I feel the market for reasonably priced mid 80s Westys has increased tremendously. Finding anything clean and reliable for under $10k - $12k is becoming a thing of the past, unless you stumble across a locally advertised only kind of deal. At any rate, this van caught my eye today as the seller says they will honor a $9,500 Buy It Now in their questions / comments section. What we've got here is a 1986 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with 190,000 miles, stock 2.1L engine and manual transmission that up for auction/ sale in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  My thoughts.


  • It appears to be mostly stock original, the curtains and tables are there, the upholstery looks good,
  • Most or all of the seals are visible on the exterior, and the interior looks clean and original.
  • Looks like it has some upgraded 15" wheels.
  • The font step wells, the engine deck/lid, the rear flooring all look to be in great shape.
  • It looks like it might have the GoWesty rear seat belts with the shoulder harness, or at least did a some point.

Potential Cons.

  • The paint. Not 100% sure, but like it said, it might not be the original coat. I just have a hunch.  Note the brighter white around the license plate when compared to the interior paint color around the engine bay.
  • It was stated to have lived in Iowa most of it's life, if it wasn't garaged, there's a high probability of rust underneath.
  • No pictures of the pop top tent.  Likely needs to be replaced. $300 - $800 + 6-8 hours of labor from someone who's done that job before.
  • The mileage.  I'd love for this to be accurate, but in 20 years of ownership did it really only go 40k miles?
  • The seller does state "To my knowledge, all propane works, and the refrigerator works as well". I don't ever get this. Have it filled, test everything, make a video showing it all working, buyers will be stoked.
  • Trailer hitch. You never know what previous owners have tried to tow.  Bike racks are great, anything more is often questionable.
  • Possibly original engine and transmission. At 190k, you'll be doing both of these soon.

If the seller openly states they are willing to take $9,500. You might be able to swoop it up for $8,500.  I'd have $4k - $7k backup for repairs when the come around. It will be interesting to see what it goes for.  … Read More About This Westy


1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Auction In Portland Oregon

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Auction In Portland Oregon

1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper Auction In Portland Oregon Ends Nov 7th at 6am PST

Here's an interesting find for the PNW that's found it's way over to a 10 day eBay Auction after being listed for $12k on the Portland craigslist 6 days ago.. This van is a 1985 VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper with 149k miles, stock 1.9L engine and recently rebuilt manual transmission. Overall, it appears to be in good cosmetic shape and is still holding onto the original interior and UPS brown paint.  I have a special place in my heart for this particular varietal, as it's exactly the model I have, color and all.

The VIN is WV2zb025xfh014378 and the eBay Auto Check report shows that this rig received a junk/scrap title in 2008, but no details are provided by the owner as to why. Either the odometer has been replaced again, or it's recently seen 50k miles of adventures in the past year, as the most recent mileage record on the title shows 100k miles December 2014.  Where oh where have you been? For comparison, that's 8 round trips from SF to NYC.

Some things I like about this rig.

  • Rebuilt Transmission. Get the full details here. Who did it, warranty? etc. Vanagon manual transmissions nortoiusly fail at 150k, so this is a major plus if it's been rebuilt properly and has a warranty.
  • Kitchen Appliances. While not stated in the eBay ad, the craigslist ad does state the sink, stove and fridge all work.
  • All original. For the most part, this van appears unmolested and likely has original paint, upholstery, curtains, both tables, etc, with no obvious interior or exterior modifications, aside from a stereo.
  • Engine. "new heads" likely mean the engine was at least partially rebuilt, with new gaskets, etc.

Some things I'd question.

  • The title. It's likely rebuilt or salvage according to the eBay Auto Check report.  At the very least, run a CarFax report if the seller doesn't have one already. Get the scoop on mileage, why it was salvage, etc.
  • Upstairs / Tent Canvas. There's no pictures of the pop top canvas or upstairs. While not a huge deal, canvases are $300 - $900 and a good 6+ hours of work to install. There could also be mold issues. I assume the worst if there are no pictures. The criagslist ad states "needs canvas"
  • Rust.  While the seller states it's just surface rust, be careful. There's really no way to know unless you pull it all apart. However, all in all, it doesn't look too bad.

My open honest option.  So, nice Westys are reasonable prices are hard to come by in the PNW. Yes it has a salvage title, yes it has some rust and needs work upstairs. However, … Read More About This Westy